Movies On Netflix That Will Cheer You Up Tonight

Every election comes with some level of stress. Typically, that stress ends when the election does — after months of campaigning and weighing the pros and cons of each candidate, it's often a relief when the whole thing is finally over. Unfortunately, November 8, 2016, has come and gone, and many of us aren't feeling any better.
While some Americans are thrilled by Donald Trump's upcoming presidency, for others, the results of the 2016 election were utterly devastating. Many pro-choice Americans are afraid that Trump will make good on his promise to punish women for abortions. Others worry that he will roll back rights that the LGBTQ community has fought so hard for, such as legalized same-sex marriage. Others are concerned with Trump's seeming disrespect for women, exemplified by his lewd and offensive statements about them.
Fortunately, Netflix has never let anyone down. In trying times, sometimes the best thing to do is take a break from all of the real-world drama and engage in the lives of fictional characters instead. If you feel the urge to scream and cry over the election results, let these Netflix movies cheer you up.