Book Your Hotel On This Day Of The Week If You Want The Best Deal

Photo: Getty Images.
Traveling is a great way to broaden your horizons. But let's face it, it's hard to broaden anything when your wallet is oh-so-narrow. Expedia has always been interested in helping travelers find the best deals, but the travel-planning website recently released some information that could help us strategize savings even more effectively. According to Buzz60, Expedia analyzed its own data and discovered a few simple steps you can take when planning a trip that can save some money. Interestingly, many of the tips revolve around a certain day of the week: Sunday. Ironically, the supposed day of rest is best for a variety of travel-related activities if you're looking to pinch your pennies. It turns out you can save more if you make your hotel reservations on Sunday, so consider taking a time out from enjoying your last lazy moments of the weekend next time you need to book a room. Another way to find deals is by including Sunday night in your stay. For more Sunday-centric tips and other travel-planning tactics, watch the video below from Buzz60.

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