9 Surprisingly Delightful Photos Of A Sexual Fetish You Never Knew Existed

Bompas & Parr and Jo Duck.
When the founders of Bompas & Parr first opened their London-based jelly confectionary and food-design studio, they were approached with a very specific and unexpected request.
"One of the first calls we got was an inquiry about whether we catered for splosh parties," co-founder Sam Bompas told Refinery29. "Innocently, we looked online to see what this might involve, [and we found] a steamy scene were folks get turned on by sitting in puddles of baked beans."
They didn't end up catering that event, but Bompas said that he was intrigued by the idea. And nearly a decade after that first inquiry, Bompas & Parr hosted its very first sploshing party — or, more specifically, its first cake-sitting party. After an open call for participants was broadcast through social media, the Bompas & Parr creative team whipped up a variety of elaborate cakes and jellies for the gathering. Photographer Jo Duck was there to interview the participants and capture the moment when they pushed their fully naked bodies into their respective desserts.
But beyond cake-sitting, what exactly does this delightful fetish entail? We spoke with dominatrix Mistress Shae Flanigan, a BDSM educator and alternative lifestyle coach, to get a better idea.
At its most basic, sploshing is "sensation play with food," Mistress Shae explained, adding that it falls under the more broad type of fetish known as wet and messy play, or W.A.M. Partners may use all types of different foods and drinks (with different textures and temperatures) to engage each other's senses. Those who enjoy cake-sitting, which is a subcategory of sploshing, specifically use cakes and other types of desserts in their sensation play.
So although all sploshers are not cake-sitters, the name of the game remains stimulation through sensation — and what a sensation it is. "When a freshly chilled cake first touches your behind, you can't help but let off a range of squeamish noises," Bompas said. "Also, the surprisingly satisfying sound of a bum squashing a meringue is one sound I never thought I would come across, nor will I ever forget."
Click through to see what cake-sitting looks like for yourself, and read Duck's interviews with the subjects in the photos.
(Oh, and if you're also intrigued but sploshing isn't your thing, don't worry — there are plenty of other kinks to try.)

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