Donald Trump Can’t Pronounce “Beyoncé,” Fails To Apple-gize

In a final, brash display of his stunning disconnectedness from the youths of America, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has mispronounced the name of a goddamned national icon: Beyoncé. Trump made the unforgivable gaffe while making his closing argument in a speech in Raleigh, NC. (The singer and her husband have endorsed Hillary Clinton and put on a pro-Clinton concert in Ohio last week.) Somehow, the Republican candidate was under the impression that the correct way to say Queen B's name is "Bey-on-see," not "Bey-on-say." To be fair, we should note that he did manage not to fuck up "Jay Z." (We're kidding, that's literally impossible to mispronounce.) As shocking as this grave error is, we shouldn't be surprised — Trump has a history of making up his own pronunciations.
While voters head to the polls to cast their ballots, citizens of all political persuasions are taking to Twitter to express their disbelief at the 70-year-old candidate's mistake. As one impassioned user put it, "Donald Trump mispronounced Beyoncé's name. I didn't even know this was possible for an American to do." Another critic shared this astute gem: "if you need the ultimate example of how out of touch Trump is w/ America: he pronounces Beyoncé's name as Beyon-see."
And of course, there is the impressive power of the Beyhive to contend with. The formidable army of fierce Bey devotees will surely be reacting to the diss not only with bee emoji but with their ballots. (Those who are citizens over 18, at least.) As one observer noted, "The #BeyHive could swing this ENTIRE election on spite alone. He knows NOT their power. Trump better put #respeck on @Beyonce's name."
While we can safely assume that Trump will continue to pronounce Beyoncé however he damn well pleases, it would be pretty fucking cool if the artist quoted both her classic Destiny's Child hit and Walter White by publicly making a demand of Trump: Say my name.

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