Chrissy Teigen Loves Top Ramen Just As Much As You Do

Alright, everybody, say it with me: Top Ramen is delicious. No matter how many fancy-schmancy ramen shops we encounter — these days, there are plenty — we're always going to love the perennial college favorite. Incidentally, Chrissy Teigen agrees. The model and budding chef posted a photo of Tom Yum soup on her Instagram today and copped to adding Top Ramen noodles to the dish. "We added Top Ramen instant noodles to her homemade broth to make it like my favorite 'mama' noodles (basically thai flavored instant ramen) from childhood," she writes in the caption. The full recipe will appear in Teigen's second cookbook, which she started teasing this summer. Teigen not only admitted to loving Top Ramen. She's also gifted us with the best winter cooking hack: Use Top Ramen noodles in your homemade soups. That lovable brick doesn't have to live at the back of your pantry. No, you can sneak it into your minestrone, your chicken noodle, or even your beef stew. Heck, boil a pot of ramen and serve it with marinara. Why not? Unfortunately, Teigen's second cookbook won't be out for a while. If this recipe is anything like the rest of the book, though, it's going to be good. Like Top Ramen good.

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