Eloquii Proves That Designing For Different Body Types Is Possible

Photo: Courtesy of Eloquii.
One of the biggest challenges with plus-size clothing is fit: Some size-inclusive brands still use a smaller fit model and grade up to larger sizes, leaving everything a disproportionate mess, with sleeves hanging past fingers, armholes that unintentionally expose bras, and silhouettes that look designed for a box. Other companies only work with a very specific body type, forcing those who are, say, busty or booty-blessed to go up several sizes or even shell out for costly tailoring. And then there are the designers who won’t even venture into plus territory because, as Tim Gunn put it, “the plus-size woman is complicated, different, and difficult, and that no two size 16s are alike.” Thankfully, Eloquii is ready to put all of those excuses to shame with the launch of its latest collection, Viola.
Named after the curvy classical instrument, the Viola fit has been crafted specifically for people who wear one to two sizes larger on bottom than on top. Though this “pear” shape, as it’s been labeled for years, is the most common body type for women to have, most designers tend to ignore these fit discrepancies when creating their clothing.
“We heard multiple times from our customers who were not able to purchase many of our style options or had to go to the tailor to alter everything they bought from our site,” Eloquii's creative director, Jodi Arnold, tells Refinery29. “It is a pivotal moment to show the diversity in plus-size shapes, and we want them to be able to put the piece on as-is and feel awesome. No time is better than now to lead the charge in designing for different shapes so that even more women can more easily feel a part of the fashion conversation.”
Beginning with 30 items — like this stunning sequin dress, and these holiday-party approved silver pants — the Viola collection is aesthetically identical to Eloquii’s standard range. To create the specific fit, however, the company worked with three differently sized models. The only way for it to truly be perfected, though, is through customer feedback.
“We would love to expand our collections to fit the diversity of women size 14-plus and all of the shapes that encompasses,” Arnold adds. “We want our customers to be able to wear Eloquii and feel great with the fit, and not feel that they will have to have things altered before putting it on. After this launch, we did hear from customers asking for a fit for the opposite shape — bigger bust and smaller hips, as well as someone who carries more weight in their mid-section. We will continue to listen and react where we can.”
Click through to see some of our favorite Viola fit styles, and let us know in the comments which “fit issue” you want Eloquii to tackle next — because the brand isn't just listening to your needs, it’s actually answering to them.