The Inspiring Reason Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Wearing White To The Polls

Photo: Alex Menendez/REX/Shutterstock.
Despite being more than two months after Labor Day, expect to see a lot of white at the polls on Election Day. According to the Boston Globe, some supporters of Hillary Clinton are planning to wear white on Tuesday in homage to the suffragists of the early 1900s who fought for women's right to vote in America. After Clinton wore an all-white pantsuit to accept the Democratic party's nomination in July, the New York Times indicated that she likely wore the color to pay tribute to the suffrage movement and the National Women's Party, whose colors were white, purple, and gold. She also wore white for the last debate with Republican nominee Donald Trump. This tradition may have started when Geraldine Ferraro wore white when she accepted her nomination as the first female vice presidential candidate at the 1984 Democratic National Convention. For many who back Clinton, wearing white will celebrate the historic nature of her campaign — one that has, at times, been misogynistic in tone. The trend appears to be spreading organically, without official coordination from the Clinton campaign. Some are taking to social media, posting photos of women clad in white headed to early voting with the hashtag #WearWhiteToVote to Facebook and Twitter.
“It’s a wonderful tribute to a historic campaign and what will hopefully be a wonderful presidency,” Michelle Gajda, a college instructor in Tampa, FL, told the Boston Globe.

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