33 Gifts For Every Ball Of Stress In Your Life

It's rough out there. Between work, your social calendar, and fewer hours of precious daylight, you are not alone if you're feeling the end-of-year stress wave that is familiar to so many of us. And now, after this election? Forget it. It's nearly impossible to find anyone who isn't feeling the extra stress of this news, no matter how they voted.
Of course, election aside, we all know how badly we need to take care to manage our stress. But it's not exactly easy to follow through on that. It's hard to turn away from Facebook and Twitter when so much is happening. And it's way too easy for one skipped gym session to turn into weeks of skipped gym sessions.
But, although it seems paradoxical, giving ourselves permission to take a night off every once in a while is the key to keeping everything else on track. Otherwise, the pressure to keep up a so-called "perfect" or "clean" lifestyle will send us into a spiral of self-doubt.
And that's even more important now that we've entered the most wonderful (read: anxiety-provoking) time of the year. So, click through for a few gift ideas to treat the most stressed-out person in your life — especially if that's you.

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