This Presidential Makeup Transformation Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's likenesses in almost every iteration one can imagine — even the celebrity-Halloween-costume variety — during this election season. Chances are, however, that you've never seen the candidates portrayed quite like this. Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis transformed herself into both candidates, and the results are incredible. According to The Daily Mail, Pittalis is a freelance makeup artist who believes the future of the world — not just the U.S. — lies in the results of the upcoming election. "We are in pre-election time, and the battle is very hard — they are going to decide the future of the U.S.A. and the world," she told the publication.
How, exactly, did the transformations go down? Well, to start, each look took around four hours to create. For the Trump look, the hours were largely spent on — you guessed it — his hair. Pittalis has yet to respond to a request for comment on her amazing work, but for the full video, head to The Daily Mail. We're no strangers to presidential-candidate makeup, either. We tried our hand at the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump transformations, and, if we do say so ourselves, they're pretty damn cool. We even did a Bernie Sanders look. Check them out, below.

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