8 Times Hillary Clinton Totally Nailed The “Presidential Look”

Photo: Courtesy of HRC Campaign.
Of all of the insulting things Donald Trump has said about Hillary Clinton, lacking a "presidential look" may not seem like the most egregious. True, it's a horribly sexist comment that Trump declined to provide details or evidence for (No major surprise there!), but at the same time, he doesn't seem to be the only one who can't visualize a woman in the Oval Office. After all, 44 men have served as president of the United States for the last 227 years. (Thanks, patriarchy!)
It's high time we started imagining what a female commander in chief would look like. In the final days of the campaign, Clinton has been in it to win it, crisscrossing the country in her signature coif and kitten heels. And yes, her current look is very presidential, but way before she shattered the glass ceiling to become the first female nominee of a major party, she had that look on lock, too.
Don't believe us? Check out the eight moments when everything from Hillary's pantsuits to her presence on stage screamed: "That's Madam President to you!"
Oh, and don't forget to get out and make your voice heard at the polls this Tuesday.

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