Your Horoscope This Week — Nov 06 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Could it really be? The nail-biting, nerve-frazzling, neverending story of the 2016 election is finally drawing to a culmination. And to paraphrase Michelle Obama, this one has shaken us to our core. But we are taking heart in the stars on November 8. The Sun and messenger Mercury are in Scorpio — Hillary Clinton's star sign — on Election Day, lending an assist.
Also, on Tuesday, motivator Mars changes signs, moving from patriarchal Capricorn into progressive Aquarius until December 19. This could be the cosmic clarion call for social justice; the long-awaited shattering of the White House's very real glass ceiling! Aquarius rules the higher mind; the "third eye chakra," in the world of woo. Don't underestimate the Law of Attraction which instructs us to picture ourselves surrounded by the outcome we wish to create. Instead of gnawing our manicures to the quick, we'll be spending the early part of this week envisioning a certain pant-suited, Yale-educated, D.C. veteran kicking back in the Oval Office after she is sworn in as Madame President. Won't you join our collective consciousness in this visualization? And of course, get out and VOTE!
Two more planets switch signs later this week. On Friday, romantic Venus heads into cautious Capricorn until December 7 helping us think with the right head before hopping into bed. Capricorn is the sign of future goals so pull out that "What I Want in a Mate" checklist and make sure the object of your affections ticks enough of your boxes. This is a fine time to talk #CoupleGoals, and get aligned on your shared future.
On Saturday, messenger Mercury sails into outspoken Sagittarius until December 2. There could be some heated discussions about the outcome of The Most Insane Election in U.S. History in the weeks that follow — or maybe a mass exodus to Canada or Mexico (Sagittarius rules global travel). It's gonna be tough to keep politics off limits at Thanksgiving this year. If you're a die-hard Sandernista maybe you should skip that turkey fest with your alt-right relatives and go protest alongside the First Americans at Standing Rock instead.

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