Instead Of A Drinking Game, Try This Election Night Workout

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.
Absolutely no judgment to anyone who’s planning their election night around a drinking game — but for me, the anxiety is just a little too intense, the coverage lasts just a little too long, and it’s all happening on a little too much of a weeknight to actually break out the shot glasses. As an alternative, might I suggest a drinking-game-style workout to quiet your election-night stress (endorphins!) and make following the coverage slightly more productive?
Before we begin, let’s set some guidelines. First, it’s hard to predict exactly how long poll-results coverage will actually take. After all, if Trump loses Florida, for example, the whole thing could be called pretty darn early (one can hope, anyway) — but we’ve also seen presidential elections where we didn’t know the final results for weeks after election day. In other words, unlike a typical workout, where you know you’re going to be at the gym for about 45 minutes, or whatever, there’s no real way to know how long this whole shebang is going to last. So if it’s going on for hours and hours, please do not push yourself so hard that you’re totally exhausted — or, worse, in pain. Listen to your body!
Second, consider inviting some fitness-minded pals along. After all, if you’re the only weirdo doing squats at the results watch party, you might not feel super-motivated to keep up the game — and if you’re going it alone at home, I’m willing to venture a guess that the couch is going to start looking awfully appealing.
Finally, warm up and cool down! When the talking heads are doing their intro thing and sharing the same silly projections we’ve already been hearing about for months, get your body ready to move — try combining the World’s Greatest Stretch and this sequence, both from Equinox, before you start, and try some of these when it’s all over.
Okay, let’s get started. The rules are simple: When you hear the phrase or the event happens, do the prescribed move. "Nasty Woman" T-shirt optional.