This Live Interview With Olivia Munn Will Blow Your Mind — & Make You Laugh Like Crazy

"If I wasn't an actress, I would want to be a facialist, for sure," Oliva Munn told me yesterday on a break from shooting her latest Proactiv commercial. Now, it's important to note that this statement came immediately after she confessed to buying a full, professional aestheticians' setup of devices and machines from a Canadian website. Devices that she may or may not have smuggled across the U.S. border — but definitely something she's tried on her friends with non-pro, but kinda hilarious, results. While Munn may not be a professional aesthetician, she's got two just-as-impressive skills: she's candid and funny — something that we all learned firsthand. We visited the actress on set in L.A. to play one of our favorite games live on Facebook: 29 questions. Taking a quick break from her role as a Proactiv spokesperson, she wasn't afraid to tackle the funny and the important. From her secret talent to the surprising food she eats for better skin and her feelings on Photoshop, she went there. Did we mention this was live? Press play for an honest, funny, and empowering interview with Munn.

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