You Might Want To Read Trump & Clinton’s Astrology Charts

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Is it just us, or has this election cycle felt like one long Mercury retrograde? It feels like we've spent the last year (or longer) stuck in a haze of tweets, news, and memes. And it doesn't feel like the fog's going to lift until the votes are counted.
Luckily, here at Refinery29, we turn to astrology when we have a problem that could use a bit of clarity. After all, we've already looked to AI to predict this election's outcome, so why shouldn't the cosmos weigh in, too?
Ahead, the Astrotwins deconstruct Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's birth charts, planet by planet, to get a better sense of each's strengths and shortcomings. Sure, we're already well aware of some of their, er, most defining traits, but there are some things that only the stars can reveal.
(Full disclosure: As the Twins write, these interpretations aren't exactly without bias. "As proud feminists who started our careers publishing an inclusive, body-positive, multicultural magazine for women, we simply cannot stand behind a candidate who judges women by the size of their thighs rather than the content of their character," they say. "Think what you will about Hillary, but we are nothing short of exhilarated at the prospect of a woman finally being our commander in chief.")
Take a deep breath, stargazers — the rest of the month should be noticeably more chill. Click through to get to know the candidates (Trump in red, followed by Clinton in blue) on an astrological level.

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