This Robot Accurately Predicted That Trump Would Win The Election

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Update: As you are likely aware at this point, MogIA's prediction — unlikely as it may have seemed to some last week — did turn out to be accurate. Donald Trump will be our next president. What a time to be alive.
This article was originally published on October 28, 2016.
We've still got about a week and a half left before Election Day, but artificial intelligence has spoken. MogIA, which analyzes data from Google, Twitter, and Facebook, predicts that Donald Trump will win when votes are cast on November 8. According to CNBC, MogIA accurately predicted the previous three presidential elections, and found that Trump has more public engagement — a number gathered by looking at Facebook Live and Twitter — than Obama did in 2008. This is concerning, yes, but it's hard not to doubt the AI's finding. As MogAI founder Sanjiv Rai told CNBC, engagement does not equal support. Given how many of Trump's statements incite strong public opinions on social media, what people are posting is not necessarily positive. And MogAI cannot take that into account when making its prediction. Plus, Unanimous A.I., which has correctly predicted winners from events like the Oscars and the Kentucky Derby, came to a different conclusion in June. Its AI uses something called "Swarm Intelligence," a measure of a randomly selected group of people, to conclude who will come out on top. It predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the election. Then, there's the fact that polls of humans still show Clinton in the lead. Of course, no poll, regardless of whether it's done by technology or people, can 100% predict what will happen come Election Day. Who will vote? Could something happen in the coming days that will sway peoples' opinions one way or another? The only thing you can do: Show up on November 8 and make your voice heard by casting your ballot. Related Video:
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