This Should Be Everyone’s New Favorite Character On The Walking Dead

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
Shit's been real dark on The Walking Dead lately. With the mercilessly gruesome deaths of Glenn and Abraham, fans were left feeling forlorn. Lucky for us, it seems the Walking Dead showrunners anticipated this fan depression — and they're doing their best to start to fill the Glenn-shaped hole in our hearts.
On Sunday night, we met the antidote to our sadness and grief. His name is Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and he's lovely. As Ezekiel's new right-hand man, he is funny, offbeat, happy-go-lucky, and perhaps not the brightest bulb in the pack — i.e. just what the show needs right now. Viewers are sharing their love for the new character on Twitter. "Jerry brought sunshine to the walking dead after such a devastating episode last Sunday," tweeted one fan. "Pretty sure that this Jerry guy is already my favorite character in the 7 seasons of the walking dead," someone wrote, echoing many other tweets.
In fact, Jerry is so dang lovable that longtime TWD fans are already paranoid (and rightfully so) that he will be killed off. "I really really really like Jerry in The Walking Dead. Hopefully this doesn't mean he'll die," wrote a conflicted fan. And "If Jerry dies we riot" has already become a meme (in addition to Jerry's excellent puns).
So here's to much more screen time for Jerry boy. Don't go dying on us, bud.

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