This Gilmore Girls Scene Perfectly Captures The Election

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Fans know that the stars of Gilmore Girls name-checked Hillary Clinton a bunch on the show. Like when Rory praised her in season 3, or when Lorelai casually signed off, "See you when Hillary is president!" in season 5. But the way the season 2 finale mirrors the current presidential election is scarily accurate. In the episode, Paris Geller is running for student body president at Chilton Preparatory School. After her friends Louise Grant and Madeline Lynn "poll" 150 students, they find Paris is considered the "most qualified" and "most competent" candidate. But the results also give Paris a nasty surprise: She's not likable, so her peers say they won't vote for her. The students even think she's "scary." (Now where have we heard that one before?)
An aghast Paris asks her friends, "You mean people would rather vote for a twink who they like over someone who could actually do the job?" "Sad, but true," Louise answers. "What do I do?" Paris asks. To which Madeline deadpans: "Hope for a sex scandal?" The 2016 U.S. presidential election already has a sexual assault scandal, plus two candidates whom many deem about as likable as a spoiler before you watch the season finale. Much like Paris, Hillary Clinton is qualified; in fact, she is said to be the "most qualified" presidential candidate ever. After all, she has a lot of experience under her belt. But, like at Chilton, that doesn't seem to really matter to voters. According to a Gallup poll, Clinton held a 41% favorable rating as of mid-October, right before the third presidential debate — only 10% more than her opponent. Will her low favorability ratings cost her the presidency? Or will Clinton clinch it, much like Paris defeated the "twink"? (If you didn't know that already, sorry, but this season is over a decade old.) We don't know yet, but you can play a part in determining the outcome of this election (unlike the Chilton one). So make sure you vote on Tuesday!

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