When Is The Last Day You Can Register To Vote In 2017 Elections? Find Out Here

When is the last day to register to vote for your state's 2017 elections? The answer to that question may just be the most important date of the year.
Many states let people register online, by mail, or in person. Sometimes the deadlines for the three options are the same, like in California. But, as in Illinois, sometimes the dates vary. And some states don't allow online registration at all.
If you're in North Dakota, you're luckier than most: This is the only state where residents can vote without registering!
While 2017 is an off year for national elections, many states have local elections happening that are just as important. And if your state doesn't have any coming up, it can't hurt to go ahead and get registered for 2018.
Ahead, check out your state's deadline so you can have a say not only in who's elected, and who makes it on the ballot in the first place.

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