Khloé Kardashian Did Not Learn From Her Last Halloween Controversy

Khloé Kardashian was this close to not offending anybody this Halloween. You might remember that two years ago, Scott Disick dressed up as an Arab sheik. He was called out for cultural appropriation, and Khloé got into hot water for posting photos with him, thereby implicitly condoning his inappropriate costume.
This year, Khloé's amazing Storm costume (from X-Men) was overshadowed by an unfortunately familiar controversy. One of Khloé's friends decided to dress up in exactly the same terrible costume as Disick did in 2014. And, despite the backlash she received back then, the 32-year-old shared photos with her friend on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Ugh, really? Come on! Is it truly that difficult to avoid people wearing culturally appropriative costumes?
Twitter was displeased, to say the least. Tons of people called Khloé out for the photo. One person replied to her, "so you still think it's cool to dress up using someone's culture?" Another called the picture "beyond disgusting and insensitive." Another user tweeted, "to your friend on the left, please let him know that what he is doing is cultural appropriation and its extremely offensive."
But this tweet probably sums up our feelings best: "i love you khloe, but I didn't know my religious/cultural clothing was a costume now!" Exactly. We love you, Khloé, but we can't say we're not disappointed.

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