These Two Awesome Women Wore Gross Texts From Guys For Halloween

As delightful as texts from men can be, there's an entire section of the internet dedicated to how forward and creepy they can be, too which is why it was only a matter of time before women used their NSFW inboxes as Halloween costume fodder. Like many women, Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola had received their fair share of these types of texts ("Visit ya boy," "Send nudes"). In a stroke of genius, the UConn juniors came up with the perfect Halloween costumes: They decorated T-shirts with the most jaw-dropping texts they'd received — and went out as "fuckboys."
"People didn’t really believe these were real messages, and when we told them, they were in shock," Zharnest told The Tab. She added that their costumes earned them hugs from women and high-fives from men — because, apparently, it's pretty satisfying to skewer fuckboys by exposing their behavior. Fragola explained that their costumes acted as a kind of litmus test while they were out and about: "We could tell who the fuckboys were, because some guys thought the costume was so hilarious and perfect and there were some that were like 'oh…' and walked away." In our humble opinion, Zharnest and Fragola just won Halloween; they managed to create a costume that's genuinely funny, easily thrown together, and actually scary. If only we'd thought to include "fuckboy" in our list of dope feminist costumes. And, since we can only assume you're as curious as we were, here are all of the texts featured in Zharnest's and Fragola's costumes: "Just hope you know we’re fucking today."
"Do you think men and women are equal… 'no have you seen my biceps.'"
"It’s going to be an easy transition into the bedroom."
"We’re gonna fuck cause everyone else sucks."
"I’ve never had to work hard to get a girl."
"If you get a massage tonight, I get pussy."
"Tired as hell come massage me."
"Visit ya boy."
"Do you have a bed time?"
"Real shit day. Sorry. Long Story. Sorry if I can’t maintain an investment at this time."
"Send nudes."
"Come chill."
"I am bad. I am a bad man."
"I never said you were a slut chillax."
"Hope you find someone better than me. I laugh cause there’s no way that’s possible. Goodbye. Your life was meaningless to me."
"I’ve been single for seven months so why haven’t we fucked?"
"Hey can I have my shirt back?"
"You’re weighing me down."
"I just fuck you when I’m bored"
"I’m just trying to get with you."
"Would be better with you sitting on my face." We're already mining our old Tinder convos for inspiration for next year.

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