This Is The Secret To Make Flight Attendants Love You

Photo: Getty Images.
You probably remember all the times you've had a grumpy flight attendant who ignored your drink order, blocked your way to the bathroom, or showed no sympathy when someone else got the last snack box. What would it be like to have one specifically go out of their way to treat like a first-class passenger, all for the price of a cookie? According to The Huffington Post, the servers of the friendly skies really appreciate a small gift from passengers before takeoff. "My day is always made when passengers come on with coffee for the crew," Delta Airlines attendant Katie Taylor told the site. "Everyone knows how gross airplane coffee is, so it’s such a treat."
Others talked about Starbucks gift cards, candy, and store-bought pastry. The returns on your investment could be huge. We're talking free alcohol, free headsets, and extra cookies. "I told my friends to bring chocolate with them on an international flight, and they got first-class wine brought to them in coach, in real wine glasses," American Airlines attendant Kim Baumann told HuffPo. There's no need to go spreading this secret around to everyone, but do pass on this bit of advice: Be nice and say hello.
“You wouldn’t believe how seldom we receive a smile and a ‘good morning’ from passengers," said former flight attendant, Abbie Unger. Just because you're a frazzled traveler, doesn't mean you shouldn't have some common courtesy.

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