Pornhub Wants To Buy Vine & Make It NSFW Again

Yesterday, the internet was full of tearful tweets and six-second loops mourning the passing of Vine. Twitter announced that in the coming months, it will shut down the 3-year-old looping-video app that spawned countless viral moments. But now, it looks like Vine could have an unlikely savior: Pornhub. Yes, the rated-X adult-entertainment Pornhub. In a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Pornhub VP Corey Price pleads his case in a less-than-flattering way: "We figure since Twitter dropped [Vine] and is having significant layoffs that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine...upon purchasing Vine, we would restore it back to its NSFW glory. After all, spurts of porn in six seconds is more than enough time for most people to enjoy themselves." I'm all for keeping Vine alive, but Pornhub may not be the right place for it. Vine's genius was its variety of content, from videos that captured overly excited dogs to ones of kids being silly, naive kids. If Vine just becomes Pornhub Jr., it's not quite the same as actually keeping it alive and well in its original, diverse, hilarious way. Plus, do we really want "Damn Daniel" living on a porn site? Something about that feels very wrong. Facebook, Google, anyone, we're begging you: Please counter Pornhub's offer and restore Vine to its former glory.
Photo: Courtesy Pornhub.

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