Don’t Be Fooled By These Fake Lip Kits, Kylie Jenner Warns

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
It's inevitable that, with any beauty enterprise yielding massive success, copycats will try to get in on the action. (There's even an entire underground market dedicated to knockoff products.) And it looks like Kylie Jenner — with her widely coveted Lip Kits — is the latest victim. Last night, the starlet took to Snapchat to call out these impostors with a serious warning: Beware, because these counterfeit products contain ingredients that could be dangerous. Jenner likely got wind of the news through her suspicious fans, who voiced their concerns on Twitter.
Users are complaining about various issues with the knockoffs — even that there's glue in one of the counterfeit formulas. Some are experiencing allergic reactions. One woman purchased a fake Lip Kit on eBay that contained gasoline. Yikes. The whole exchange has Jenner urging everyone to be wary of any website selling the products. If it's not on, it's 100% fake.
If you've been tempted to try out a knockoff because Jenner's Lip Kits are sold out, know this: There are other options. In fact, we've put together a whole list of just-as-awesome alternatives — no gasoline included.

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