Pot, Kettle: Reality Star Slams Trump Accusers For Being Fame-Hungry

You may not be familiar with the name Teresa Giudice, in which case, here's a high-five and a pat on the back. You may be vaguely familiar with the story of a reality star going to jail for fraud. Big hair? Lots of attitude? Ring a bell? Well, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been out of jail for nearly a year, giving her ample time to form a lot of opinions about the election. And because Giudice once appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice back in 2012, someone finally decided to let her share them. Giudice told Extra that Donald Trump was "nothing but a gentleman" when she worked with him on the reality show. Then she cast doubt on the women who have accused the presidential candidate of sexual misconduct and assault, on the grounds that they didn't speak up sooner. "If a man touched me, I would come out with it right away," she said. "I wouldn't wait 'til he was trying to be president and then come out with it. “When people come out, they only want their 15 minutes of fame," she added. Oh, Teresa. Why would these women need to make up a story about allegedly being groped by Trump when all one has to do to become famous is flip over a table on reality TV? Also, you pretty much fell off the moral high horse (a Shetland pony, by that stage) when you went to jail for fraud, then turned the whole thing into a publicity hook. The fact that you have the gall to bad-mouth these women shows why they might have hesitated to report the assaults in the first place. Nobody wants Z-list reality stars shaming and blaming them.

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