You’ll Never Guess Where Jessica Simpson Keeps Her Shoes

Photo: Rabbani and Solimene/Getty Images.
Celebrities tend to have lavish wardrobes, which, in turn, require equally as impressive closets to store all of those incredible clothes and shoes. If you're a celeb turned fashion designer, you're bound to have even more pieces to fill the shelves and racks with. (Because who wouldn't want a personal archive of the eponymous threads you've built a billion-dollar empire on?) For Jessica Simpson, a closet simply doesn't cut it — particularly as far as her kicks are concerned. Simpson talked to People through the very lavish expanses of her wardrobe at last night's FFANY Shoes on Sale gala. She doesn't just have a separate closet for her shoes: She has an entire warehouse devoted to footwear. (Yes, you read that correctly.) She has another warehouse where her clothes are kept. In addition to thrifted gems — the former singer/actress and fashion mogul dubs herself "a vintage buyer " — she also keeps her own vintage, in the form of prom frocks ("I went to a lot of proms," she told the publication.), and her music video getups and on-screen costumes. Daisy dukes, anyone? Aside fromher very ample storage space, Simpson revealed to People that she is, in fact, on-board with athleisure, but we're not talking ratty old sneakers and leggings combo. She does deign to wear sweatpants...but only with heels. Because, obviously.

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