Beyoncé’s Protégées Are Rewriting The Beauty Rules

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/FilmMagic.
At 16 years old, most of us were plugging through calculus and getting our driver's permits. Singers Chloe and Halle Bailey, on the other hand, dropped their first EP, toured with Beyoncé, and attended some of the most prestigious, star-studded award shows in the world. The singing sensations, who are signed to Beyoncé's label, Parkwood Entertainment, are only 16 and 18 (Chloe is the older one), but they exhibit soul, determination, and eloquence far beyond their years. While many teens fret over fitting in, Chloe and Halle have made it their mission to stand out in every sphere, from music to fashion and beauty. It was the duo's willingness to experiment with their looks that inspired us to tap them as judges for our second annual Beauty Innovator Awards, and their refreshing and unapologetic approach to beauty, and life in general, has kept us hooked. Before signing with Parkwood, Chloe and Halle were scrutinized for their hair and accessories, especially their locs, which they felt hindered them from booking gigs. But like true style rebels, the sisters never gave in to pressure to change their appearance. "I love my hair. I love that I can stand out," says Chloe. "Whatever hairstyle you wear is all about how you rock it and your confidence. You could have the longest hair and then shave it off, but it wouldn't matter unless you stand straight and walk with a strut — that's how you show it off." It's this mentality that has helped the duo break down boundaries. Just a few months ago, Chloe and Halle walked the red carpet at the MTV Music Video Awards wearing pierced braids and exquisite nose jewelry. The sisters think that the attention they've received is due to the fact that beauty has started to follow a less-traditional script. "I think people are compelled by what's authentic... Because everybody is different, no one looks the same," says Chloe, who credits social media for giving people an outlet to show their diversity. "It's cool for people to show who they really are from the inside out and really be themselves," Halle adds. As much as Chloe and Halle pride themselves on their unique approach to beauty and music, no female empowerment story would be complete without a shout-out to the girls' mentor, Beyoncé. Like Bey, Chloe and Halle believe strongly in women's ability to unite. “Two is better than one, one thousand is better than one. When one wins, we all win," says Chloe. “Girls could rule the world.”

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