It's Time For Our No-BS Beauty Awards

Today is a very special day, my friends. It marks the return of R29's annual beauty awards. We know, we know — everybody and their mother has an award these days (looking at you, artisanal pickles). But the Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Awards aren't your average monotonous parade of best this and best that. In addition to looking for the products that perform, we cut through all that marketing crap to bring you the truly unique and, yes, innovative launches of the year.

Our love letter to these inspiring and cool brands, products, and people is short and sweet: You're the shit.

Head on over to our mind-blowing nominee page to learn all about the products that earned the R29 seal of approval, plus where to get them so you can take your beauty arsenal to rad new heights.

And let's not forget our all-star roster of judges. Keep clicking to learn their beauty style and the products that made their hearts go pitter-patter. From a super-famous YouTube star to two singing sisters with a little-known mentor (have you heard of this Beyoncé character?), you're going to want to read up on these beauty trailblazers.

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