Demi Lovato Debuts Second New Hair Color In Under A Week

Demi Lovato can't make up her mind. Or maybe she was just more attached to her brunette locks than we could have imagined. Whatever the case, the singer switched up her hair for the second time in less than a week. She, with apologies to Amy Winehouse, went back to brown. As always, Lovato reminds us that even our changes need not be permanent.

Lovato dropped the hairbomb on her Snapchat. She debuted her return to dark hair with a stripped-down look that gave the (perhaps accurate) illusion it was a candid. The effect is "bae caught me sleeping," except she's her own bae and she's at least not pretending to have been surprised by her own camera in bed.
While we loved her blonde-hair-dark-eyebrows look, she must have decided it was passe. After all, Cara Delevingne stopped modeling years ago.


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