Lance Bass Says This Is Why His Dating Show Is Better Than The Bachelor — & He Has A Point

Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.
Finding Prince Charming, the new dating show hosted by Lance Bass, is often considered the "gay Bachelor." But it departs from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in one major way: Nobody's expected to propose on camera. And Bass is proud of that. "I don't think it would be as authentic to propose at the end. I'm glad that they don't get down on one knee," he told Us Weekly. "Meeting someone and then proposing after three weeks is unreal, and you have those months of not being able to see each other, and then they could break up by the reunion." In all fairness, Bachelor Nation contestants get around three months, not two weeks, but Bass still makes a good point. You'd normally wait much longer to propose IRL, and the pressure could potentially lead people to propose when they're still feeling iffy about the relationship (or pull a Jason Mesnick and propose to the wrong person). Maybe that's why, after 20 seasons of The Bachelor and 12 of The Bachelorette, only four stars are currently married to their season's winners, according to Glamour. But Finding Prince Charming does have something in common with The Bachelor: a juicy reunion show. "There is so much drama that comes out on the reunion, maybe some behind-the-scenes hookups between the guys — you'll have to tune in to see, but I was shocked!" Bass said. Some things just come with the territory of dating shows, no matter the format.

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