The 12 Most Insane Moments In The History Of The Bachelor

It may be hard to believe, but back in March of 2002, the world had yet to be introduced to what would soon become the most-watched dating show out there: The Bachelor.
Now, 14 years and 20 seasons later, The Bachelor has been a farmer and a football player, an airline pilot and an account executive, and an actor and a doctor. This year's bachelor, 26-year-old software salesman Ben Higgins from Indiana, has even caught the eye of Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco.
The eponymous dating show has spawned may a spin-off, including, of course, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, one hilarious parody, and one surprisingly well-written homage in the form of UnREAL. It's also spawned a few marriages.
While the show is ostensibly about love and marriage, it's also about showcasing the craziness that ensues when you cut a group of adults off from the rest of the world, drop them in a fishbowl, ply them with plenty of alcohol, and tell them to date each other on camera. It's insane, addictive, and we can't stop watching.
In honor of the show's 20th season, let us take you on a stroll down memory lane to revisit a dozen of the most delightfully insane moments in the series’ sensational history. They are never disappointing, but sometimes shocking.

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