I Tried To Take 6,000 Selfies Like Kim K. — & Failed Miserably

Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Farley.
I am not a selfie-taker. The last time I took one, it was to show off a new haircut. It wasn’t even a good selfie — upon showing it to my dad, he remarked, “That looks like a mugshot.”
It’s not that I don’t like selfies. I’m rather impressed by people who can take them. Turning the camera on oneself indicates a sort of open self-love that I wish I could have. Me and my self, we have a clandestine relationship. I love my self and she loves me, but we do it in secret, like Carrie and Mr. Big in the second season of Sex And The City.
Then there’s Kim Kardashian.
She’s basically the person who put selfies on the map. She released a whole book of selfies in 2015. And in September, Kardashian shared on her sister Kendall Jenner’s website that she took 6,000 selfies over the course of a four-day vacation in Mexico. 6,000 selfies in four days. I’ll do the math for you: that’s 1,500 selfies a day, roughly 100 selfies per hour.
What?! I was (and still am) pretty suspicious of these numbers — even with the technological boost of using a Burst Mode app, it's staggering. Kim Kardashian must spend more time taking selfies than not.
But it made me wonder if this kind of selfie saturation was key to being a good selfie-taker. Perhaps, if I could take 6,000 selfies in four days, maybe I'd become a selfie expert. So I decided to undertake this as a personal challenge: first, to see if it was actually possible to take that many selfies in such a short amount of time, and second, to see if I might actually start to be okay with taking photos of myself, and sharing them with the world.
Ahead, you'll find a photo-filled journey as I struggle to selfie like Kim Kardashian. Read on to find out exactly how many I was able to take in a four day period — and what I learned in the process.

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