Oh, So That’s Why Plane Windows Don’t Always Align With The Seats

Photo: Getty Images.
Has this ever happened to you? You're boarding an airplane, super-stoked for your adventure and the fact that you managed to score that last window seat. When you get to your row and sit down, you realize your window isn't even placed in a spot where you enjoy the view. Instead, it's positioned weirdly straddling two rows, so you're forced to kiss that perfect aerial Instagram photo goodbye. What is that all about? While we don't have the solution, we do finally have the answer on why this happens. According to a video from the YouTube channel Today I Found Out, it all comes down to fact that the airplane manufacturer is responsible for building the actual plane, while the placement of the seats ultimately falls to individual airlines. Because the two parties don't coordinate these two tasks, the seats and windows rarely align. Next time you find yourself face-to-face with the wall of the airplane, instead of a beautiful blue sky, at least you'll know who to blame.

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