This Tiny Zombie Hamster Is The Perfect Halloween Rodent

Bunnicula scared the crap out of me as a child. True, Bunnicula only sucked the blood of carrots and other vegetables, but there's something unnerving about small rodents turning undead. That being said, this HelloDenizen Tiny Hamster video is nothing but cute. The way the rodents crawl from their graves, adorable. To say nothing of how they disembowl the dolls with their tiny little cute teeth! Not only that, but they crawl back into their hole on command. Of all the zombie invasions, we have to say that hamsters would be the scariest. They're small and unimposing, so we'd probably let them get pretty close. Also, it seems highly likely that we'd overestimate our ability to deal with a large number of them. So you'd be calmly minding your business and see three to five zombie hamsters. One of those things is gonna bite you, even if it's just a nick. And we know how bad zombie bites are. Rant over, watch the video.
(Oh, and we know the perfect Halloween rodent is the bat. No need to @ us.)

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