Can You Guess Which Mean Girls Actor Is On Tinder?

A wise man once said, "Don't have sex. Because you will get pregnant and die." That wise man is on Tinder now. Dwayne Hill, who played Coach Carr in Mean Girls, has a Tinder account, according to Betches. See for yourself:
Screenshot: Betches.
In the 12 years since Mean Girls' release, life has been good to Coach Carr. He's still acting, a "good cuddler," and — naturally — has a man bun now. Other info gleaned from Coach Carr's account on the dating app: He's been nominated for an Emmy! And in his spare time, he does whatever's happening here:
Screenshot: Betches.
Feel free to swipe right on Hill if he comes across your screen. But instead of Coach Carr's high school sex-ed speech, may we recommend R29's Sex School?

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