If Mean Girls Was Made In 2016, These 16 Things Would Change

Photo: Paramount Pictures/Photofest.
Just 12 years ago, Mean Girls hit theaters. It was a tale as old as time: New girl enters school and soon realizes that teenagers are cruel — and teenaged girls can be even crueler.
It's hard to believe that a movie as timeless as Mean Girls can age. But it has.
Think about it: Mean Girls came out in 2004. The first iPhone hadn't been released yet. Texting wasn't the de facto method of conversation. There weren't apps. And Facebook — which had only launched a few months before the film's debut — was still in its infancy.
So what would happen if Mean Girls was made today? What would change for the Plastics in 2016? How would they slowly ruin lives, tear down self-esteem, and secure their evil reign over a high school of impressionable youth?
Click ahead for a list of plot points that would be totally different if the Plastics were in high school right now. The one thing that would remain the same? We'd all still feel personally victimized by Regina George.

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