Twins Prove That Drugstore & Expensive Makeup Look Identical

If you've ever dropped $28 on a lipstick only to wonder if the $4 version looks just as good, you're not alone. Countless editors and vloggers have tried to debunk the differences between high-end and drugstore makeup. However, the Today show just took the debate to another level. Today national investigative reporter Jeff Rossen asked a makeup artist to apply identical makeup looks on twins Melten and Sinem. (You might recognize them from their funny AF Discover commercial.) One was given a full face of drugstore makeup ($60 total), while the other was treated to pricier products ($250 total).
Rosen then took the women to the streets and asked passerbys which look they preferred. And that's when things got really interesting. When each person was asked to choose between the two, the majority — a whopping 78%— picked the drugstore version without knowing it. Now, this test only accounts for outward aesthetics — not counting the overall feel, longevity, and skin effects of wearing the products. (Not to mention, the satisfaction of pulling a fancy compact out of your purse on the subway.) And, it also really helps to have a professional makeup artist blending these looks to perfection.
But, either way, it does prove just how great drugstore products can be. $4 lipstick for the win, amiright?

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