Google’s New Phone Is Here — & It’s A Game-Changer

Confession time: Since the end of my flip phone days (circa 2007), I've been an iPhone addict. I always buy the new version shortly after its release, and make a point of telling Android-using friends how wonderful it is.
It's not that I dislike Android. I've tested Android phones before and found ones that work just fine, but none has ever tempted me away from my familiar home screen, the App Store, and those little blue iMessage chat bubbles.
The past five days, however, have tested my loyalty. Google's new Pixel, which is the first phone that the company has built entirely on its own, inside and out, just feels right. It rivals the iPhone on many fronts — Google Assistant, the phone's version of Siri, is actually useful, and the Pixel's battery life is impressive. But it's also easy to use and has the bonus of built-in search features that the iPhone can't top.
But a lot goes into making a phone worth buying. Click through to see where the Pixel exceeded expectations and where it fell short. If you're in the market for a new phone, you need to know if it's worthy of your texting, Snapping, and travel adventures.

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