6 Times Beyoncé Slayed After An Onstage Snafu

To err is human. To err, barely flinch, and move on like a pro is divine.
This weekend, Beyoncé once again proved she's the survivor she always said she was by performing with her ear dripping blood like it was no big deal. The pop star's earring somehow got ripped out during her Tidal X charity concert on Saturday night, causing some carnage to her lobe in the process. And what did Bey do? She noted the blood...and kept on singing.
It's not like this is her first rodeo. The singer has been grabbed by a human fan, sliced and diced by a mechanical fan, and fallen victim to the laws of gravity on stage. But she has yet to miss a beat. She's slaying, making lemonade, and hardly breaking a sweat. She's a professional, and it's time to pay her her due.

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