Icelandic Legislator Breast-feeds & Addresses Parliament At The Same Time

Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir has some major multitasking skills. Last Wednesday, the Icelandic MP addressed her colleagues in Parliament about an immigration bill and breast-fed her young daughter at the same time. Konráðsdóttir is a working mom in the most literal sense. The Huffington Post reports that she has brought her daughter to work with her on more than one occasion. When the MP was called upon to speak about an important issue, the chair of the Judicial Affairs and Education Committee was faced with a decision. She could interrupt her daughter's feeding — which would certainly have resulted in a screaming, unhappy baby — or she could just keep doing what she was doing and step up to the podium.
Obviously, she chose to step up and take the mic. "I thought that would be less disruptive," she says. You don't need to speak Icelandic to get a sense of what is happening in the video: a bright, professional woman is doing her job. Actually, Konráðsdóttir is doing both of her jobs. It might not be business as usual, but it certainly doesn't come across as a big deal. The best part of the video? No one seems surprised, flustered, or embarrassed. The people of Iceland, or at least its Parliament, are proving that cool isn't just a word reserved to describe the weather.

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