The Coolest Things You Never Knew About Nursing

Illustrated by: Amrita Marino.
It sustains life. It boosts immunity. It may or may not taste like the milk left over from a bowl of Lucky Charms. (Full disclosure: I sampled mine just once, years ago, and I only can recall it vaguely tasting like cantaloupe juice).
The truth is, breast milk’s powers are kind of insane. Obviously, the mere fact that it's food for a tiny human that comes from your body is a pretty wild place to start. But the cool factor goes way beyond that. There’s also research to suggest it bumps up IQ, clears up stuffy noses, and may even kill cancer cells. In honor of National Breast-feeding Awareness Month, we’ve assembled some of the most fascinating facts we’ve ever heard about the liquid gold. Pour yourself a latte and read on.

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