30 Ways To Make Your Apartment Totally Winterproof

Fall gets a lot of glory, as far as seasons go: pumpkin spice this, sweater weather that, it's like we're excited about everything starting in late September. Well, we're going to champion winter for a change, the time of year when you’re allowed — practically required — to spend more days inside.
By outfitting yourself with the right tools, you can reach new levels of cozy enlightenment that let you soar right past the seasonal doldrums. While heated blankets, heated slippers, heated everything is a given, there's more to making your home a desirable place to hole up in for months (or at least days) on end. For that, you'll want items like a coffee maker that brews the best cup you’ve ever had, and a phone-controlled lighting system so you don't have to get out of bed to turn out the hall light. A light therapy lamp to help you make up for lost vitamin D may not be a must — but it certainly can't hurt, right?
We’ve found 30 gadgets and gear that will keep your home at its comfiest and also provide plenty of entertainment to stave off boredom through the darkest days of the season. Read on for our picks — you may find they'll be welcome in your home year-round.

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