These Are The Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance, According To GlassDoor

Photographed by Maria DelRio.
If you've ever found yourself suffering from burnout, the idea of a work-life balance can seem antiquated, like pensions or three-martini lunches. But it is possible. In its latest study, Glassdoor ranked the best jobs for achieving that elusive balance.
The study looks at employee reports on their jobs, across a minimum of 75 different companies. To be eligible, employee reviews must include "work-life balance." This can mean different things — like flexible work hours or generous vacation time — and may not always indicate shorter work weeks.
So while a 40-hour work week isn't guaranteed, the good news is that the full list represents a variety of fields and includes positions with generous median salaries (dev-ops engineer, anyone?). See the top 10 best jobs below, and check out Glassdoor's full report here. Who knows? You may find your next dream job on the list.
1. Corporate Recruiter
Median Salary: $65,000 2. UX Designer
Median Salary: $95,000 3. Data Scientist
Median Salary: $112,000 4. Strategy Manager
Median Salary: $110,487 5. UI Designer
Median Salary: $84,500 6. Recruiting Coordinator
Median Salary: $48,000 7. Technical Account Manager
Median Salary: $75,000 8. Mobile Developer
Median Salary: $101,318 9. Dev-Ops Engineer
Median Salary: $110,000 10. Research Engineer
Median Salary: $103,029

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