Evian Is Making A Comeback In A Very Weird Way

iPhone cases can get pretty weird. There are pure gold cases, ones that double as stun guns, and a whole array of donut-themed cases. Most iPhone cases, though, lean towards simple, sleek designs. Classic leather and translucent, shock-absorbent cases are common sights. But there's a new trend that's different from everything that's come before it. According to Mashable, people in Japan have started decorating their phones with Evian branding. Yes, Evian, the bottled water. (Some of you may remember the character in Superstar with the same name.) This isn't the work of some iPhone manufacturer, either — these cases are DIY. Users cut out the Evian logo and paste it on the inside of a clear iPhone case. Voila! An iPhone that kind of looks like a water bottle? On Instagram, iPhone users are showing off their sparkling "Evian" iPhones in all their watery glory. Some cases play into the "water" theme with the case itself.

遅めのÉvian テスト期間なのにごめんなさい。 #evian#test

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Others opt for simple and geometric.
Some use the logo with Parisian-inspired designs:

・ ・ ・ ・ ・#evian #evianスマホケース

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Why are people so into a French mineral water? Hard to explain. Maybe everyone is just really excited that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are water-resistant.

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