We Didn’t Ask For Another #TheDress, But Here We Are

We all remember exactly where we were the moment we first discovered #TheDress. If you've forgotten (although we don't see how you could), here's a refresher: Early last year, a picture of a striped dress appeared on Tumblr — and people couldn't agree if it was blue and black or white and gold. Unsurprisingly, it made its way across the internet pretty quickly. Topical Halloween costumes ensued. And, just as we were able to put the whole "what color do YOU see?" debacle behind us, we have another head-scratching fashion item on our hands. Earlier this week, Twitter user @whyofcorso posted a photo of her new Kate Spade handbag, which she says is blue. Her followers disagree.
Almost immediately, people began responding and debating the bag's color.
@whyofcorso, who sees the bag IRL, insists it's blue ("Mystic Blue," specifically) — and has the receipts to prove it. However, a lot of those adamantly beg to differ. Another photo of the same Kate Spade style shows the handbag in a much different light, suggesting this confusion might have everything to do with the exposure of the picture.
Luckily, this time around, the difference in what people see is not as intense as the black and blue-versus-white and gold factions from 2015. And, with @whyofcorso's confirmation, it looks like the answer is clear: The purse is blue. That probably won't stop the internet from debating it for at least the next few weeks, though. Luckily, it looks good no matter what color it is, so @whyofcorso is pretty ready for this issue to come to an end (and for the public at large to focus on more important things).