You Have To See This Matt Damon Look-Alike From The '60s

There are a lot of celebrity look-alikes out there, but it's rare we see someone who looks this much like a Hollywood heavyweight.

Redditor coffeeandtrout shared a photo of his dad in 1961, as Hello Giggles points out. "I think Dad looks like Matt Damon," the user titled the post, and that's the understatement of the century.

This guy is the ultimate Damon doppelgänger, though according to a comment on Reddit, he's an inch or two taller. (Damon is 5'10", according to his IMDb, while coffeeandtrout's dad was 6'0" and is now around 5'11".) And he has yet to be spotted with Damon's man bun.

See for yourself. In case you can't tell (and you'd be forgiven if you can't), the real Matt Damon is the one on the left.
The photo was taken on the doppelgänger's wedding day. The user's mom has sadly passed, but their father is still with us. Can somebody please introduce him to Matt Damon?

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