The NRA Joked About Kim K.’s Robbery — & That Is Not Okay

There have been a lot of responses to Kim Kardashian being robbed at gunpoint in Paris last night. Gigi Hadid increased her own security. Kylie Jenner removed a few callous tweets. The French not-so-hilariously joked about the violence. But the most insensitive response by far has been from the National Rifle Association, who tweeted several sarcastic remarks Monday in response to the attack, E! Online reports. The NRA took aim at gun control supporters by asking, "Wait, criminals held Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in Paris? How was that possible? Does anyone know if they passed a background check first?"
This feigned incredulity is an attempt to disprove the effectiveness of background checks — and is clearly done in very poor taste. It capitalizes on the coverage of violence at the expense of the victim to prove a point. Is now really the time for an uninvited, I told you so? Twitter leapt at the opportunity to scold the NRA, which couldn't resist firing back. Did the NRA take the responses seriously? Nah. The organization continued to joke. When one user pointed out that the NRA opposed stricter gun laws, the association responded: "Stronger gun they have in Paris? #askingforafriend."
Their point being, I suppose, that strict gun laws cannot prevent criminals from obtaining guns. Whether or not this is true, the NRA is promoting their own policies — in a sardonic tone, no less. An attack on a civilian is never an appropriate time to promote an agenda. Violence is not an opportunity, period. Kim Kardashian herself is a supporter of gun control and I highly doubt she agrees with the NRA's "funny" remarks.

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