This Is How Many Times Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary Clinton In The First Debate

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.
"Wrong." "That makes me smart."

"Why Not?" "Ugh."
No, those aren't snippets of a conversation with a cranky 5-year-old. They're just a few of the myriad ways Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate. The GOP presidential nominee tried to cut in over on his Democratic rival again and again during the debate. Vox kept tally and found that Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times during the debate. That count include 25 interruptions in the first 26 minutes of the broadcast. Clinton, by comparison, cut in on Trump's time on 17 occasions.
Now, it wouldn't be true rhetorical rumble without some level of interruption (See: 2012 and this year's Republican and Democratic primary debates). But the gender dynamics between the two rivals were closely watched as the candidates took the stage to go head to head for the first time, especially given Trump's well-documented track record when it comes to making misogynistic comments. And the frequency — and tone — of Trump's interjections, as well as Clinton's cool composure, provided plenty of fodder for the Twitterverse.
Interrupting wasn't the only Trump tactic that drew complaints of sexism during the 90-minute showdown. Some viewers cried foul just minutes into the debate, when Trump asked Clinton if it was okay for him to call her "Secretary Clinton" and added that he wants to make sure she's "very happy." Watch that exchange, below.
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