Here Is A List Of Things Beyoncé & Blue Ivy In Gucci Would Improve

Let's say you're Beyoncé. Let's say your daughter is Blue Ivy. Let's say you have to, for whatever reason, attend a football game. Let's say you have a decision about what to wear. It's gonna be Gucci, correct? If it's not Gucci, you have to really re-examine your life. As Beyoncé. Whatever.

AT&T stadium tonight ? #Gucci

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The funniest part is that Blue Ivy is miserable. That's because she's at a football game and, to her, Beyoncé is, "Moooooooooooom."

#DALvsCHI game tonight. #Gucci

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Here's a non-exhaustive list of things that would be better if Beyoncé and Blue Ivy showed up wearing Gucci varsity jackets, even if Blue Ivy threw a tantrum: College graduation.
Certain funerals.
One of those charismatic churches where people talk to snakes.
Daycare wine mixers.
Losing your virginity on one of those really special nights where everything is magical and it just feels right, you know?
A ski trip where you all totally get lost but, like magic, find each other at the bottom of the runs at the end of the day and all had amazing adventures.
First day of high school.
Church. The list goes on. Here is a video of someone reacting rationally to what she's seeing.

Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue at the #DALvsCHI game tonight

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