Glitter Running Shoes Are The Best Way To Show The World You Are Thriving

Photo: Courtesy of Asos.
In a move so fitting that we can’t believe we haven’t seen it already, ASOS teamed up with running shoe company Saucony to create glitter running sneakers. The Shadow 5000 model, which has a '90s vibe and comes in ruby and navy options, are a much-needed addition to the typically boring world of gray, white, and blue running shoes. Though the shoes would look great with any outfit, their real value comes from the way they will make everything from hill intervals to leisurely jogs visibly more fun. The treadmill is no longer cruel and unusual punishment. It's now a runway — and the perfect opportunity to casually show the world that you are thriving via your footwear. For all those running enthusiasts out there, we will admit that runner’s highs are great and are arguably a healthier reason to do a hill circuit than to make other people jealous of your footwear. But that running elation is also rare and difficult to achieve. Conversely, the joy of glitter is immediate, Instagrammable, and is not reliant on copious amounts of sweat. Forget toned muscles and the wise, meditative state that is commonly associated with the dedicated long distance runner, we’re in it for the shoes. They are available for $138 from ASOS. If, for any reason, glitter sneakers aren't your perfect shoe, we've got a whole guide to finding the right pair for you.
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