The 30 Grossest Things Lil Wayne Has Ever Said About Vaginas & Other Stuff

Photo: Earl Gibson/Getty Images.
Whether you think he's a rap god or a rapping jackass, you can't deny that Lil Wayne has a way with words. How, exactly, you describe that "way" is subjective: Genius, vile, hilarious, horrifying, brilliant, and vulgar are all acceptable options. One thing we can all agree on is that the dude puts a lot of weird shit in his lyrics.
In honor of Lil Wayne's (born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) 34th birthday, we decided to examine some of his favorite rap topics, which include: sex, oral sex, weed, being the shit, money, his penis, not giving a shit, the female form, and vaginas. Especially vaginas. The lyrics to some of his songs basically read like a crude thesaurus entry, but his favorite term — as will soon become abundantly clear — is indubitably "pussy."
Now, dear reader, please pause for a moment and ask yourself if you're the type to get offended by what most people consider lewd, savage descriptions of the female anatomy and sexual intercourse. If so, I urge you to read something else. (May I suggest this slideshow of a Halloween dog parade or this video of a small child reciting dinosaur names?) Because much of what you're about to read is A. disgusting, B. insulting, C. demeaning, D. all of the above.
Brace yourself and enjoy (?) reading Lil Wayne's 30 grossest lyrics, mostly about vaginas but also fun things like butts, dicks, and feces.

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